ACG helps its clients transform the challenges of digital age into opportunities for high performance. We fuse digital analytics, technology platforms and world-class talent at massive scale and speed, to help our clients understand the big picture and deliver insight-based experiences, equipping them, effectively, target and keep their best customers. Our consultants take a holistic, focused approach to develop strategies for our clients to succeed in the digital economy. Our digital strategy connects our clients with their customers, help them deliver exceptional services, collaborate and showcase their work. We assist our clients to promote goods, sell products, innovate and demonstrate their a straight-forward, dynamic plan that grows and works with your business

Digital Strategy

Having online presence is of paramount importance for any business in this era of virtual technology....

Social Media

Social media is where peoples are talking, conversing and communicating with you, about you, your products....

Digital Mobility

Enabled by smart-phones, tablets, laptops, consumer devices and cloud computing, Digital Mobility is receiving....


Digital analytics is the use of metrics to calibrate the performance of a company’s digital marketing....

Big Data

“Big Data” is about advancing trends in technology, that are changing the way information is delivered....

E-Commerce & Web

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the global business as its effects with the success of business....

Digital Strategy

Having online presence is of paramount importance for any business in this era of virtual technology environment. Sustained market analysis along with integrated digital marketing programs were discovered and proved to be persistently required to achieve dramatic and measurable business results.

ACG offers a wide range of services including but not limited to, online advertising campaigns, search engine optimization, social media marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, blogging, forums posting, back-links generation, and directory submissions … etc. Overwhelmingly, this means beginning with strategy consultation and culminating in optimization and reporting. Throughout the entire process, we gather insights into customer behavior, analyze the competitive landscape, execute campaigns, measure the impact, and act upon the information gathered. The results are optimized digital channels - web, social, mobile …etc.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Media Channel Effectiveness
  • Online Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Digital Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing & Optimization (SEM, SEO) Organic & Paid Search
  • Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-View
  • E-Mail Campaign Management
  • Content Production & Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Tools & Applications Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Electronic Catalogues & Sample Books
  • Social Media Integration
  • Electronic, Mobile, Social Commerce
  • Cross-Channel Integration
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Workforce Mobility

The benefits of having a digital marketing strategy can reach across all aspects of your business. By developing a digital strategy, whether it is for a website, mobile app., a one off pay-per-click campaign or on-going search engine marketing initiatives, you are establishing goals to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts. A digital marketing plan should be a straight-forward, dynamic plan that grows and works with your business.

By having a digital marketing strategy, ACG's can help you:

  • Create and protect your brand(s)
  • Create consistent customer experience through multi-channel integration
  • Reduce costs by integrating marketing initiatives and reducing redundancy
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing initiatives by identifying key-performance indicators and establishing benchmarks
  • Increase your on-line awareness by targeting qualified traffic, most relevant to your business. Gain an important business asset by maximizing the full value of your company’s website(s)
  • Get real-time, two-way communications feedback from your targeted audience
  • Enhance relationships with prospects and customers
  • Improve credibility by sharing knowledge and telling your “story”
  • Increase knowledge and creativity
  • Provide limitless networking among peers

Social Media

Social media is where peoples are talking, conversing and communicating with you, about you, your products and your brands. ACG with its specifically designed tools based upon the artificial intelligence techniques will bring you and present you where people are in discussion about you, the sector where you can get involved with the strategies you need to use for your brand awareness and promotions of your products.

ACG Social Media services includes:

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy - We gather your requirements, define opportunities and prescribed business processes for social media success.
  • Implementation Guidelines – Our team will work closely with you to make sure the integrity of your brand, compliance with various mediums and best policies for future development and communications
  • Software Suggestions – There are thousands of tools available in the market due to bangs of open source software. We will help to drill down your selections based on scope, budget, resources and environment.
  • Social Media Audit – Not every site has a place on Dig or MySpace, we forward our valuable suggestions for realistic options including niche opportunities and relevant mainstream techniques.
  • Competitive Analysis – We develop tactics, identify potential services providers for the competitions, doing an incredible job with videos, blogs, widgets or community building that you can start implementing to shake your competitor's hold on your industry.
  • Social Profiles – We will identify the social networks where you should be participating and where peoples are talking about you. We will also manage your social media profiles to attract customers / users.
  • Badge Creation & Strategy – We can design interactive badges for you to make you visibly prominent in your industry.
  • Widget Strategy – We will look at your web portal analytically and with an audit point of view to highlight the areas where you would benefit from an interactive widget campaign. Our points may include, type of widget working for your site, probability for success, what your competitors are (or not) doing and how to maximize the benefits of widget strategy.
  • Blog Design – A blog setup without proper contents cannot attract audience or bring you the SEO advantages. Our team will work with you and find out the best blogging platform to cater for your demands and needs, help to optimize success on blog and tweak to make blog more accessible to audience and search engines.
  • Blog Strategy Development – We, at ACG will create a blog strategy to make you prominently visible in the giant blog community. The strategy will contain blog posts, commenting on other blogs, build awareness and increase your audience besides many other components.
  • Community Building Strategy – We will detect the communities warranting monitoring, antagonistic competitors and what they are doing, means to enter these communities and building relationships.
  • Community Monitoring – ACG will monitor adjutant blog communities and promote and track brands and keywords amongst them, respond proactively to positive as well as negative remarks.
  • New Hire – ACG will search social media specialists or bloggers when needed and recommend the best fit for your organization.

Digital Mobility

Enabled by smart-phones, tablets, laptops, consumer devices and cloud computing, Digital Mobility is receiving fullest attention in the business and society. Along with cloud applications and services, Digital Mobility is expected to be the main technology and applications driver in Digital Transformation and Emergence in the years ahead.

If we look into the latest trends then mobile commerce is becoming quicker and more secure for consumers, making it easier to shop and order securely, particularly when making smaller transactions. Secure and quick-click checkouts from a mobile device will give buyers the ability to make on-the-go payments and to stay logged in while they browse for more goods to buy.

Around the world, Selfsumers are increasingly using the power of the “electronic wallet” to send and receive money – from scanning with their smart-phone to purchasing a public transportation ticket on the spot to ATM withdrawals. They are also taking advantage of mobile commerce platforms to make bigger purchases to order, give quotations, negotiate and pay through online marketplaces – all through the power of smart-phones.

ACG Mobility Offerings:-

  • Mobility Business Solutions for Industry
  • Communication, Media & Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Health & Public Sectors
  • Products
  • Resources
  • Mobility Development & Consulting
  • Mobility Applications
  • Mobility Managed Services
  • Connected Devices Engineering Services

Let ACG help you bring your ideas to market on the most popular mobile platforms. Our intimate knowledge of mobile apps development and the mobile market place will help you develop your integrated mobile strategy. Our commitment to pixel perfection, innovation and creativity will assure that your app stands out from the rest.

ACG creates Mobile Apps and provide consultancy for the following platforms:

  • iOS: Mobile apps for all Apple devices – i-Phones, i-Pads, i-Pad Mini, i-Pods. Our iOS application development team is strict on meeting optimum time-to-market periods. We are constantly keeping abreast of the latest commercial and technical developments in the iOS market. Our mobile application developers work hard to make your proposed idea a productive – and profitable – reality for your business.
  • Android: Android is one of the fastest expanding platforms on the market today. With software available on almost every network in a variety of devices, Android promises a robust customer base for any app publisher.
  • Blackberry: Our BlackBerry application developers are highly experienced and have thorough understanding of BlackBerry enterprise servers, BlackBerry JDE, BlackBerry Widget SKD, BlackBerry Runtime APIs, and similar technologies that are essential for creating a successful BlackBerry application.
  • Windows Phone: We provide end-to-end development services in Windows Mobile Application Development. Our expert programmers have extensive knowledge in app development that can help you expand your mobile application's user base.
  • Cross-Platforms Apps: Cross-platform applications can run on multiple smartphones and tablets, reaching a wide range of markets, giving more opportunities to sell your applications to the greater number of customers. Applications that can run on several platforms today are more likely to run on future platforms without many changes. Our app developers can easily scale across platforms using, write-once, publish-many capabilities.
  • GIS Apps: Geographic Information Systems or GIS apps are used to build maps, help people find locations, and estimate traffic routes and times. GIS apps will be used in the future to handle advanced logistics, assist emergency personnel and plan future land development.
  • Mobile Web: Increases accessibility and user experience of web contents, accelerate growth of online traffic, customers, and sales for the business. Mobile Web apps are most suitable for content consumption, don’t have complex workflows or calculations, don’t need to access major native functionality or processing and importantly don’t need offline capability. Mobile web apps are instantly available to users over the web, have cross-platform compatibility and content can be updated remotely without needing to publish updated version on App Store or Google Play each time.


Digital analytics is the use of metrics to calibrate the performance of a company’s digital marketing efforts with the end goal of optimizing those efforts to drive business results. The line between online and offline businesses have been blurring to the vanishing point, which means more companies need clearer insights into how well their digital operations are performing. Often, it’s about cutting through all the noise and huge data volumes to find the key insight to manage the business more effectively. Digital analytics is a field of innovation, creativity and constant learning. With the explosion of new digital channels such as social, web and mobile, business leaders today face mounting challenges to understand consumer behaviors, and deliver relevant alterations at just the right time. Digital analytics and optimization adds significant value to the bottom line of any business and help serve the customers better.

In this rapidly expanding field, ACG has in-depth expertise and wealth of knowledge to partner with our clients and help them get the most out of Digital investments. Managing all of digital data can seem overwhelming as many companies have multiple platforms, disparate data sources and tools that restrict analysis and decisions rather than enabling them. ACG has developed a fully automated and integrated analytics platform that provides precise and actionable insights using a five step process.

At ACG, our Digital Analytics solutions take many forms: -

  • Tracking and measuring online traffic and customer behavior
  • Tracking and optimizing online advertising/marketing campaigns
  • Monetizing existing content
  • Defining key metrics, KPIs and data analysis
  • Establishing performance management processes for resource allocation and prioritization
  • Targeting new opportunities on emerging platforms and channels
  • Evaluating, selecting and rationalizing technology
  • Deploying new and updating existing software and tools, data integration
  • Change management, executive education and communication, knowledge transfer, documentation and end-user training
  • Analyze Digital channels and benchmarking
  • Digital segmentation & Targeting
  • Conversion rates & Fallouts

Big Data

“Big Data” is about advancing trends in technology, that are changing the way information is delivered to businesses. Every day, we create 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data — and 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. This data comes from everywhere: social media, internet, device data, electronic, mobile and social commerce, consumer data, advanced analytics, digital pictures and videos, cell phone GPS signals ..etc. The opportunity provided by Big Data is also its challenge. We are drowning in data. Tweets, posts and videos are not the structured data that fits well into relational databases for traditional querying. As a result, Big Data simply requires a new way of thinking about how to store and analyze data to accommodate the new realities and turn insights into smart decisions. The promise of Big Data is to tell a story that nobody could tell before, and the future is about telling that story faster than ever. There’s incredible opportunity, to be found in the emerging patterns in Big Data. For example, Big Data has the power to enable retailers to use real-time transaction data to manage their inventory, restocking popular merchandise and marking down poor sellers more effectively than ever. That same data can be used to predict what the demand will be for new products in the next holiday season.

ACG's is a thought leader and industry expert in Big Data analytics. In partnership with our clients, we create an integrated solution with a clear roadmap to harness, analyze and act on relevant Big Data opportunities. ACG's “humanizes” Big Data by bringing it “down to earth” from bits and bytes to the people who know business, so its true value can be unlocked to gain business insights to make intelligent decisions. In a well planned and efficient analytics environment, Big Data doesn’t replace an organization’s data warehouse, it compliments it to build a truer picture.

E-commerce & WEB

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the global business as its effects with the success of business today are evidently visible. Having a very competitive website that can reach clients around the globe can make businesses gain a certain advantage over the competitors. ACG is experienced in designing & developing top custom websites that effectively market your business, bringing success & sales online. From initial meetings of our designers and through the entire process of designing & development, we'll work hand-in-hand with you to develop customized e-commerce solutions that put your business on top. Each client specific e-commerce and web solution is developed with usability in mind making the navigational experience simple, allowing your business to reach its inherent potential selling products or services online. Our most valued services include web designing & e-commerce website development, search engine optimization, branding, logo design and other professional marketing and consultation services.